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Next Generation DNA Urine Testing Can Identify Chronic Bacterial & Fungal Infections.  Just $199!

Advanced Urine Testing


Struggling with Chronic UTI?

Are you struggling with recurring UTI symptoms? 

Have you been taking antibiotics with no resolution for your discomfort? 

Does infection recur every few months? 

Are you worried about taking so many antibiotics? 

DNA urine testing can help! 


Cutting Edge Urine Testing

Did you know that traditional urinalysis testing grows less than 1% of all microorganisms. Clinicians and researchers are now using PCR testing and DNA Next Generation Sequencing to identify complex infections. These tests can identify bacteria, fungi (and viral) infections in the urinary tract.


Chronic Vs. Acute Infection

Acute infections are often caused by a single species or pathogen. Chronic infections are not caused by a single species but by multiple species living in these bacterial biofilms that attach to the bladder wall and the urinary tract. These can be identified and the appropriate antibiotics can be selected with DNA Next Generation Sequencing. 

How Urologists Use Next Generation Sequencing

What doctors have to say about this new and very affordable urine testing method. 

Comparing The Two Methods

Traditional Cultures Vs. Next Generation Sequencing


  • Samples must follow strict guidelines of being at the lab within 2 hours and kept at room temperature.
  • Less than 1% of known microbes will grow in traditional culture methods.
  • Cultures have a high probability of returning with “no growth” results.
  • Anaerobes are extremely difficult to grow in culture.
  • Fungi can take over 20 days to get a result.
  • It takes several diagnostic tests to identify anaerobes, aerobes, and fungi, costing the patient for each test.


  • Does NOT grow microbes.  It extracts the Microbial DNA from each sample. Similar to lifting finger prints at a crime scene.
  • It can identify 100% of the microbes within a sample with 99.9% accuracy.
  • Receive NGS results in 3-5 days. Lab results deliver all detected microbes against a data base of 25,000 known microbes.
  • All microbes and fungi can be tested within one test at one price.
  • Detects antibiotic resistance genes for 8 antibiotic classes and deliver an antibiotic recommendations sheet 

The Bladder Store

The Bladder Store 

How To Order

If you live in the following states (AK, CO, DE, IN, IA, KS, LA, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NM, NC, ND, OH, OK, SD, UT, WV, VT, VA, WI, and TX), you may order this test directly.  Results will be sent directly to you.  Please note that they can NOT send you the antibiotic sensitivity results without a doctors signature. 

All other states require a doctor to request the test for you. It's easy! Don't be discouraged. 

The cost for the test is $199. Because it is so new, most health insurance companies will not pay for it. You must pay for it directly with the MicroGenDx.

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